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We're a leading latex products provider in Thailand

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We provide high quality products from natural raw material

ECO Latex is a leading latex products provider in Thailand

ECO Latex features quality latex bedding, made from a special and unique production cycle, starting from 100% natural liquid latex, applying superior equipment and technology, and even smell tested to ensure optimal volume, density and flexibility, combined for a high-standard and quality-assured product.

The product has been developed using a new innovation known as ION Latex, which includes a mixture from pearls and anion stones that reduce dust and bacteria in the surrounding air by up to 95%, and thus helping people who struggle to get to sleep, to rest easier.

Taking ION Latex to the next level, the “Ice & Warm” bedding applies negatively ­charged ions, and adds a temperature control feature, allowing the user to adjust the temperature of the bedding to match their comfort requirements year round. On cool nights, the bedding temperature can be adjusted warm, and vice versa when one wants a cooler bed during hot times, ensuring that one always gets the most amount of rest, no matter the time of year. Ice & Warm bedding is only available at the ECO Latex shop.

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